Rector’s Blog – 9.18.16

This Sunday is Choir Recognition Day at St. Paul’s.  Under the direction of our incredible Director of Music Ministries, Dr. Keith Paulson-Thorp, the members of our choir bless us by ministering to us with the gift of voice.  Today is an opportunity for us to ask God’s blessing on Dr. Keith and our choir, and for us to thank them for their ministry among us.

On Sunday we also have the joy of hosting our newcomers’ luncheon.  If you are new to St. Paul’s, we invite you to join us in the parish hall after the 10 am service.  We’ll offer a tour of our campus, a tasty lunch, and best of all, great fellowship!

This past Wednesday, we in the parish office had an unexpected visit from two wonderful women, the Rev. Dr. Patsy McGregor and her colleague Collette Maurel.  Patsy and her husband Bishop Todd have been missionaries in Madagascar and Kenya for 25 years.  Todd currently serves as the bishop of the Diocese of Toliara and Patsy serves as a priest in that diocese.  In material terms, the diocese they serve is one of the poorest places on earth, and yet, to spend time with Patsy and Todd is to experience an infectious joy.  In a significant way, Patsy and Todd are living witnesses that happiness is not found in what we own or the style of life we live, but rather, true happiness is found in who we are and the type of life we live.  Patsy and Todd have given generously of themselves, sacrificing much for the sake of the Gospel.  They have found the pearl of great price in the midst of the abject poverty of life in Madagascar.

Next weekend, Patsy and Collette will direct an original musical that they co-wrote, Miaraka: A Time to Dance.  It’s a modern-day story of Mary Magdalene. The proceeds from the shows will be used to provide programs that empower women in Madagascar.

Blessings in Christ,