Rector’s Blog 12.3.17

This year, we will have several Advent offerings at St. Paul’s that will help us live into our Vision 2020 Parish Strategic Plan’s goal of deepening our spiritual vitality.  Sunday, December 3rd, we will make Advent wreaths that will fill our homes with the beauty and aroma of fresh greens as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.  If you’d like to purchase an Advent wreath kit, come to the Guild Room after our 10 am Service.  You can make your wreath right there and bring it home for Advent!

This Advent we have introduced a few new offerings.  One is “Watching with Hope,” a series of weekly Advent meditations offered by our parish clergy.  These meditations are being offered in both written and video formats.  Another new offering is the Disciple Tree.  Like the Angel Tree, the Disciple Tree will have ornaments that you can take.  These ornaments will be an invitation to celebrate the Birth of Jesus by giving of your time and talent in prayer for, and service to, others.

Finally, throughout the entire year, we’re offering a new weekly feature we’ve titled “This Is My Story.”  Beginning this week with a feature on St. Paul’s parishioners Nick and Judy Fenney, we will hear stories about how people’s lives have been transformed through the grace of God and the ministries of St. Paul’s.