St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a parish that strives to celebrate God’s grace and love, to live out our discipleship as Christians in Delray Beach and to serve the community and the world in God’s name. We have a rich history of more than 100 years in this beautiful village by the sea. Over time, as our town has grown and changed, we have sought to maintain the spirit and traditions of the Episcopal Church as a place where all are welcomed, loved unconditionally, and supported in their lives.

We understand many are seeking a deeper spirituality and meaningful relationship with God. More than ever we long to be part of a genuine community of shared values and caring for one another. If you were raised in the Episcopal Church or any church in the Anglican Communion, we are your church. If you are a blended family of Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions, we are your church too.  Or if you are exploring faith traditions and seeking out a church that welcomes questions and celebrates the variety of ways that people experience and know God, then we are your church as well.

Today, St. Paul’s is a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive faith community made up of all generations, cultures, and economic backgrounds. We are a medium-sized congregation of faithful women, men, and children. We are married, single, and have partners. We are raising children and living on our own. We are retired, live in two places, working at home and in the workplace. We support each other as we work to fulfill our ministries and our missions and to continue to build community in our church and with our neighbors.

We warmly invite you to discover all that we have to offer and walk with us in ways that work for you.

Check out this web site.. and Discover St. Paul’s!   Join us for worship.