Vision 2020: An Update and Invitation

Dear Parishioners,

Based on the rich feedback we received from you this past year through the small Meet & Greet events, the excellent Congregational Assessment Tool, and the day-long Visioning Café, we have developed some of the key components of a new strategic plan. We believe that the following Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Goals will help us move toward the Vision 2020 expressed in your hopes and dreams for the future of St. Paul’s.

Mission Statement: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church spreads God’s love and grace in the world through inspiring worship, meaningful fellowship, Christian education, and compassionate outreach.

Vision Statement: In 2020 St. Paul’s will be recognized as a spiritual leader in our changing community, our doors open to all, a welcoming home to those seeking a deeper relationship with God, a champion of justice and diversity, a servant to those in need, and a loving teacher of God’s Word.

Growth in Membership – Co-chairs: George Daniell ( and Catherine Hinds (
Enhance Our Spiritual Vitality – Co-chairs: Barbara Filipowski and Fr. David Angelica (
Increase Meaningful Relationships among Parishioners– Co-chairs: Joanne Grubman ( Buff Miner (
Outreach to Those Broken by Life Circumstances – Co-chairs: Nancy Hurd ( and Mike Armstrong (
Strengthen Christian Education and Spiritual Formation – Co-chairs: Diana Tyson ( and Tim Kilpatrick (

Next Steps:
Invitation to Members of St. Paul’s:
Last month Christina Drouin trained the Goal Committee chairs on developing measurable and feasible objectives that will have a significant impact in their goal areas. Each committee will come up with two to four measurable objectives with specific strategies and initiatives and timelines to reach those objectives within the next two to four years. In their work they will look at the current status of activity in their area at St. Paul’s and what St. Paul’s has done in that area in the last five years, evaluating what has worked, what hasn’t worked, etc. They will consider what resources are available to support their goal – from the various physical spaces at St. Paul’s to our lay and clergy leadership, our diocese, and our community, and they will look at the ideas gleaned in our congregational information gathering. We need parish volunteers to join committees and help us ensure that this work will make a positive and lasting difference in the life of St. Paul’s. Please contact one of us or one of the Goal Committee co-chairs of an area that interests you for more information.
Our goal is to have a fully articulated Vision 2020 Strategic Plan for distribution to the congregation by Easter Sunday. We would like to have the membership of the goal committees confirmed by mid-December. While there may be some preliminary work before the new year, the bulk of the work will be done during the first two and a half months of 2017. Please consider giving some of your valuable time and knowledge of our church to this important project!


Kristen Murtaugh (
Lorraine Sciara-Kelly (
Co-chairs, Pastoral Strategic Visioning Team