Update on Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Dear Friends of the South Florida Haiti Project,

Hurricane Matthew struck the southwestern peninsula of Haiti on October 5th. There is total devastation in the village of Bondeau, the site of the South Florida Haiti Project’s partnership with Bon Samaritan Episcopal Church and School. The eye of the hurricane passed within 50 miles of Bondeau. Thankfully the school and church buildings survived with minimal damage. More importantly there are no reports of loss of life. We give thanks for God’s presence and care for the people of Bondeau.

Unfortunately, many homes in Bondeau lost their roofs, and the roads are impassable to the east and to the west of the village. Compounding the problems for the farmers is that virtually all of their crops have been destroyed. This means there will be much less food available for the people. Because there are no crops to sell there will be no money to buy food. The conditions for the people of Bondeau are dire, and could worsen in the coming weeks and months if help does not arrive.

Please continue praying for the people of Bondeau.  In the next few days we will have a report for you on ways that we can help.

Here are three photos – heartbreaking…
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