Rector’s Blog 10.8.17

I’m happy to share with you that the final, complete version of our Vision 2020 St. Paul’s Strategic Plan is now available!  As you may recall, we “rolled out” the Plan in May with discussions after each service.  Since then, we have begun the implementation process.  The implementation of the Plan is a call that we all share.    

You can download the Plan from our website and paper copies will be available upon request in our church office.  I encourage you to read the Plan and prayerfully discern the ways that it may be calling you to be involved in our common life.  

The Plan created five new committees to serve our common life: (1) Church School and Youth Leadership Team, (2) Adult Christian Formation Committee, (3) Church Ambassadors, (4) Fellowship Committee, and an (5) Interfaith Relations Committee.  Each of these new committees has vestry liaisons.  We invite you to become a part of one or more of these new committees.

The ultimate measure of our Plan’s success will not be how well it is written or how often it is read, but rather, how well it is put into practice.     

“The worth of a Rule lies not so much in what it says in words as in the life lived by it.  Not lived, a beautiful Rule is merely a dead letter.  Well lived, an imperfect Rule becomes spirit and life.”  – Pierre-Marie Delfieux  (The Jerusalem Community Rule of Life, Preface xiv, Paulist Press 1985, Mawah, NJ)