Rector’s Blog 10.22.17

As a parish family, we celebrate the new activities and initiatives of our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.  It is our shared call to take an active role in implementing this vision for our common life over the next three years.

Our Strategic Plan calls for the formation of several new ministries that will help us to build the kingdom of God here in Delray Beach and beyond.  As an important first step in forming these ministries, we will offer Spiritual Gifts Workshops.  These workshops are designed to help us discern the gifts God has blessed us with for the building up of our lives, our families, and the Body of Christ.  I encourage you to participate in a Spiritual Gifts Workshop.  You may just hear God’s call in a way you have not yet discovered!

Speaking of God’s call, this year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s publication of the Ninety-Five Theses, considered by many the formal start of the Protestant Reformation.  We have a special opportunity to deepen our understanding of this important time in the life of the Church.  Two of our church members, Dr. Sandy Norman and Dr. Patty Kollander, both professors of history at FAU, have arranged for a private St. Paul’s tour of The Protestant Reformation Exhibit currently on display at FAU’s Wimberly Library.  The tour will be offered next Sunday, October 29th from 12-2pm.  I hope you can join us!