Green Team

Inset-GreenTeamAs a congregation, we have become increasingly aware of environmental stewardship as a sacred and moral responsibility and have pledged our commitment to being active stewards of God’s creation. We have been accepted into GreenFaith’s Certification Program, one of the oldest religious-environmental coalitions in the world and one that inspires, educates and mobilizes people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership.

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St. Paul’s is currently engaged in a number of challenging initiatives to earn the recognition of becoming a “GreenFaith Sactuary.” The guiding principles of Spirit, Stewardship and Social Justice provide a framework for us as we integrate environmental themes into our worship, religious education, facility maintenance, and social outreach. Along with our interfaith partners, we will take meaningful steps to “green” our lives and develop relationships with environmental groups in our area.

Our Mission Statement:

We embrace the sacred and moral responsibility to be active stewards of God’s creation by promoting a vision of a just and sustainable world community.

We will adopt best practices in preserving and nourishing our earth and its resources by incorporating green thinking, sustainability and conservation into our operational decisions and actions.

Our leadership will inspire and empower our church community, our neighbors and future generations to strengthen their relationship with the beauty, mystery and power in nature and to take action for the earth.

The Delray Beach Children’s Garden Ground Breaking and Blessing on May 1, 2015

Members of St. Paul’s Green Team are instrumental in the development, design and growth of this  local nonprofit organization, The Delray Beach Children’s Garden, Shelly Zack, Director, 561-716-8342. Parishioner, Jeannie Fernsworth is the Horticulturist.  High school student, Marcus Fuller , a member of our Youth Group, built the 34 foot labyrinth with the help of other volunteers. The Garden is located on St. Paul’s campus.

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For more information on joining the St. Paul’s Green Team,  call the church office at 561-276-4541.