“Dunkirk” Viewing and Discussion

Sunday afternoon, August 13
Movie time: 2:25pm at Frank Cinebowl
Discussion: 4:45pm in the Church
Join us for a special matinee presentation of the box office hit Dunkirk, the true-life story of the heroic mission that rescued 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers from German-occupied France during WWII.  We will watch the movie in IMAX at the Frank Cinebowl & Grille +IMAX at the Delray Marketplace (W. Atlantic Ave and Lyons Rd.) and then head back to St. Paul’s where Dr. Patty Kollander will lead a discussion of the movie.  Please see John Putnam after 8am and 10am services to pick up your tickets, or meet him at the theater. If you have not prepaid for your tickets, you may purchase them directly at the movie theater. If you have already seen the film, please join in the discussion at 4:45 in the Church. 

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