Clothing the homeless

Report from Dr. Sandy Norman:

Thank you St. Paul’s people of God.
I took a car overloaded with warm clothes, blankets, shoes and dental products to St. George’s in Riviera Beach this morning.  The church sits just off Broadway across from empty lots, in a very poor part of town. They feed lunch and dinner five days a week, have take-out on Saturday and breakfast after church on Sunday.  On the fourth Tuesday of the month the Visiting Nurses bus shows up for health checks and the county HIV/AIDS people come for discrete testing and education.  Member Jill Ross, who is a retired nursing professor, represented the church, along with volunteer nurses and help from Catholic Charities. They run a very impressive and touching service.  They know everyone who comes.  Each person is greeted with a smile, questions about how they are doing, a new toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.  Within a few minutes of my arrival Jill was handing out coats and blankets and hats and shoes.  Every response was “God Bless You.”  Your gifts made such a difference to a church that has so little to offer, but offers it all.  I will make a return trip the end of January, and hope to take more warm clothes, but also used glasses, soap and deodorant.  All of the people there, whether the helpers or the helped send their thanks and blessings.

The  picture is nurse and member Jill Ross with Charlie.  He just lost his father and is showing off his new hoodie jacket to stay warm.